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You are Responsible for Fitness

You are responsible for fitness. The fly fishers I talk to (most over 40) tell me about their weight gain, back pain, ‘tennis elbow,’ shoulder issues, hand cramps, reduced stamina, and balance. They all have ideas and opinions why these conditions occur, but few look at or mention the obvious facts. Muscles tend to shorten, […] View page

Hardcore FlyFishing

Most fly fishers I talk with have one thing in common. They are not hardcore flyfishing because of physical deterioration. How do I know they are declining by just talking? Well, they all share their ‘specific’ issue that limits their ability to fly fish the way they would like—hardcore, for extended periods. Thing is, they’re […] View page

Prepare for Flyfishing Season

As you prepare for flyfishing season you’re thinking, true north, otherworldly; a place where time stands still, stress evaporates, nirvana. That’s how you imagine it from afar. The actual concrete version involves reality--wading in cold hazardous water can make flyfishing a stress generator, especially if you’re out of shape. You’re geared up but are you [...] View page