Fly Fisher Fitness Blog

Fly Fisher Fitness Blog: what isn’t taught in school or anywhere else.

This is where we discuss one of life’s curious twists. You are the embodiment of the most potent preventive medicine available but you have to work (exercise) to get it. It’s as though the Universe is saying, the pot of gold is there at the end of the rainbow but it requires effort.

I am here to help you find that wealth at the end of the rainbow. I can’t make you fit. But I can guarantee you know all that is needed to keep yourself fit. You’ll be flyfishing with vigor into your 90s!

Fly Fisher Fitness Blog: some background and looking forward. As I got older, I was driven by fear of missing out (FOMO). Meaning, fear that I would miss some preventive intervention, something that I should have known and taken action to prevent, say high blood pressure or worse, quadruple bypass surgery. I could hear blame and guilt it in my head, you could have prevented this. If you would have started being proactive earlier, this disease wouldn’t have irrevocably embedded itself.

Even with imperfect health, I work feverishly to prevent disease from  advancing or new conditions from starting…..I will not allow myself to slide into physical decline and if you love flyfishing, you shouldn’t either.

Begin the journey to transform yourself. It will provide a level of confidence like you’ve never imagined. You will be free to focus on fly-fishing and not worrying about staying warm, stumbling or climbing back out of the gorge.

We will give you every tool to make the effort and maintain the strength, stamina and sturdiness (fitness level) you have currently or to rebuild what was inadvertently lost.

You can do it…… begin to transform yourself into a strong and sturdy fly fisher. Use this blog as a framework and the stream, trail or lake and gym as the laboratory. Try things, experiment and find what works for you.

It will be a fun and exciting journey to discover and unfold the new you!

This is it!