Home Fly Fisher Fitness

Home Fly Fisher Fitness!

Are you fully confident and happy with your level of flyfishing or outdoor ability?

We know the best gear and the best flies inspire confidence. But the rock-solid apex of confidence is fly fisher fitness. It’s wealth beyond mere equipment. It gives you freedom to hike anywhere, in all conditions, climb over anything and practice getting better at flyfishing with complete focus on the water and the fish.

What’s your level of freedom to go where your heart pulls and fish long and hard until…..? Is back pain, reduced stamina, and shaky balance limiting your outings?

Whatever your level of fly fisher fitness, remember, we are all aging. Without effort, each day we become even more less-fit.

Aging Makes Being Out of Shape Worse

Aging is a natural biological process but it is shaped and driven by society, mass culture. So, the feel and emotion around aging is skewed. The stories, jokes and sayings we hear are not ‘normal’ or ‘natural aging.’ Don’t rely on fiction.

The serious fact is, three millennia of scientific research points to our marshmallow soft, over-nourished and under-muscled lifestyle as the cause of our deplorable state of aging. Medicine helps us live longer. It’s up to us to ensure we thrive in those extra years.

Don’t Rely on Medicine

Treatments, surgery and medicines help us live longer. But all medical interventions have side effects on other organ systems, sometimes to great lengths. Medicine is good. We are living longer. Living better, quality of life comes from your  proactive prevention. Hint, you cannot buy, synthesize or prescribe the most potent preventive medicine available to man.

Strength, Stamina and Sturdiness is our Responsibility

That’s the thing about the outdoors and flyfishing. A crisis finds you as you are, not as you wish you were. Nature’s hazards have a way of finding your weak areas. Prepare yourself beyond purchasing gear! 

It’s possible to fly fish with vigor as we age but there is no silver bullet, no super food or treatment. It takes some effort but don’t think gym class…………

Sports or athletic ability is not required. It takes a little effort to be able to wade dicey, cold waters with sturdy confidence and fly fish with vigor into your best years.

Essential Knowledge

Isn’t it interesting that the safest and most powerful intervention we have for disease and aging is natural and self-prescribed exercise?

It is as though the Universe is saying the pot of gold is there at the end of the rainbow but it requires effort. Not athletic ability, just effort. It’s one of life’s curious twists, you are the embodiment of the most powerful health-giving care available. But you have to work get it.

It’s easily achievable.

I am here to help you find that wealth at the end of the rainbow. I can’t make you fit. But I can guarantee you know all that is needed to keep yourself fit. With no back pain, increased stamina and better balance, you’ll be flyfishing harder and longer…. into your 90s!

Download my Quick Guide to Strength, Stamina and Sturdiness, and join a Fitness Community for Fly Fishers and Outdoor Types.