A Quick Guide to Strength, Stamina & Sturdiness

Maintaining and building strength, stamina and sturdiness while we age is not complex. Here is my free Quick Guide to Fly Fisher Fitness. It’s a “cliff notes” of sorts, the most efficient route to maximum result

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This Quick Guide to Strength, Stamina & Sturdiness is an efficient, quick study to help you get started. It’s not hard to override the gravitational pull of aging but it does required effort.


Please realize that ideas, theories and research will only take you so far. Experience is still the best teacher. For more detail, deeper insights and connection, sign up for our Fitness Community for Fly Fishers and Outdoor Types. This is where we’ll discuss applied fitness–techniques, clinical research and boots-on-the-ground experiences……fun stuff!


Quick Guide to Strength, Stamina & Sturdiness