Virtual Fitness Community for Fly Fishers and Outdoor Types

Fitness Community for Fly Fishers and Outdoor Types

Would you like to join a Fitness Community for Fly Fishers? There’s a lot of talk about longevity these days and it’s a worthwhile topic. For us here at Fly Fisher Fitness, you could call it a subcategory. We agree with most of what is purported. Those centenarians and other folks in the Blue Zones are admirable and their food choices are a welcome addition to our efforts but we’re taking it a step further.

We want a level of fitness to hike in and out of gorges, take wilderness flyfishing excursions, and wade in cold dicey waters into our 90s.

This is a Fitness Community for Fly Fishers and Outdoor Types….

This is for everyone interested in adding more life to their years. Fitness is what we’ll build. It’s not required. Many people come to fitness late in life.  That’s because when younger they felt excluded from fitness because they are not ‘athletic’ or sports-minded. This isn’t sports or gym class. It’s way more fun because natural athletic ability and skill are not required. You determine the game and the level of play.

Success comes through effort. That’s it. You are in control. Work at it and you’ll get it. Growth is guaranteed!

You will grow the most valued kind of wealth, the kind you’ll rely on every day. I can’t make you fit but I can ensure you know all that is needed to keep yourself fit, wading and flyfishing into your later decades.

Fitness is cherished wealth, especially as we get older. It takes work, but once you understand it, the mechanisms, and feel the results, you’ll view it with a new lens. You can always buy a new rod or reel. But fitness is a different kind of ownership with invisible qualities that are hard to put into words. It’s wealth, a fortune in the truest sense.

If you would like personal, specific guidance, send an email about our Fitness Community for Fly Fishers and Outdoor Types

This is  an unparalleled program. We discuss challenges, aging, exercising with a chronic illness, staying in condition or rebuilding what has been inadvertently lost.

We share successes, ideas, motivation and accountability, setbacks, aches, pains and frustrations and how to continually move upward; coached live on-line via Zoom by Brian. 

Here’s What is Required/Included:

  • The one requirement is effort.
  • No equipment is necessary.
  • Private Newsletter. 
  • Audio posts, like a private audio book.
  • Lessons on how to workout and not over or under do it.
  • How to create your own custom program.
  • Monthly Zoom calls provide a live on-line, unrivaled, one-of-a-kind platform.
  • Guided conversations with a community of peers around getting in the best shape of your life.
  • Techniques, best practices, pros and cons….
  • Info on clinical research and exercise application.
  • How-to improvements for lifespan and healthspan.  
  • Lessons on becoming you own expert and advocate.
  • Private fitness videos.
  • Peer accountability.
  • Measuring progress and next-level efforts.
  • Unlimited email conversations.

And more…………

Investment: $12.99 per month or $95.00 per year

Download a Quick Guide to Strength, Stamina and Sturdiness.




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