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You are Responsible for Fitness

You are responsible for fitness. The fly fishers I talk to (most over 40) tell me about their weight gain, back pain, ‘tennis elbow,’ shoulder issues, hand cramps, reduced stamina, and balance. They all have ideas and opinions why these conditions occur, but few look at or mention the obvious facts. Muscles tend to shorten, […] View page

Virtual Fitness Program for Fly Fishers and Outdoor Types

Would you like to join a Virtual Fitness Program for Fly Fishers? There’s a lot of talk about longevity these days and it’s a worthwhile topic. For us here at Fly Fisher Fitness, you could call it a subcategory. We agree with most of what is purported. Those centenarians and other folks in the Blue […] View page

My Interview on Carolina Outdoors (short, 15 minutes)

My interview on Carolina Outdoors with Bill Bartee and Wes Lawson was exhilarating. These guys are passionate about the outdoors and they know flyfishin You can feel it when you work with great people. The energy, enthusiasm, curiosity is so contagious it elevates your game. I got better by responding to their great questions. Of […] View page