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Hardcore FlyFishing

Most fly fishers I talk with have one thing in common. They are not hardcore flyfishing because of physical deterioration. How do I know they are declining by just talking? Well, they all share their ‘specific’ issue that limits their ability to fly fish the way they would like—hardcore, for extended periods. Thing is, they’re […] View page

Prevention is the Best Medicine

Prevention is the best medicine and exercise is the best option for preventing decline. This is how we override the gravitational pull of aging and reduce the progression and severity of chronic disease. The mainstream approach, doctor visits and medicine can’t compare. Leave the Herd–Prevention is the Best Medicine  Synthetic medicines and surgery will treat […] View page

Prepare for Flyfishing Season

As you prepare for flyfishing season you’re thinking, true north, otherworldly; a place where time stands still, stress evaporates, nirvana. That’s how you imagine it from afar. The actual concrete version involves reality--wading in cold hazardous water can make flyfishing a stress generator, especially if you’re out of shape. You’re geared up but are you [...] View page

Retirement a Flyfishing Rebirth

Make retirement a flyfishing rebirth. It’s a big shift for some, impossible dream for others but, It doesn’t have to be that way. Give it some thought. What is easy to grab, the low-hanging fruit? Take a walk, watch the sunrise, contemplate and think. After you return, take time to read this post. It’s alarming […] View page

Virtual Fitness Program for Fly Fishers and Outdoor Types

Would you like to join a Virtual Fitness Program for Fly Fishers? There’s a lot of talk about longevity these days and it’s a worthwhile topic. For us here at Fly Fisher Fitness, you could call it a subcategory. We agree with most of what is purported. Those centenarians and other folks in the Blue […] View page