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Retirement a Flyfishing Rebirth

Make retirement a flyfishing rebirth. It’s a big shift for some, impossible dream for others but, It doesn’t have to be that way. Give it some thought. What is easy to grab, the low-hanging fruit? Take a walk, watch the sunrise, contemplate and think. After you return, take time to read this post. It’s alarming […] View page

Virtual Fitness Program for Fly Fishers and Outdoor Types

Would you like to join a Virtual Fitness Program for Fly Fishers? There’s a lot of talk about longevity these days and it’s a worthwhile topic. For us here at Fly Fisher Fitness, you could call it a subcategory. We agree with most of what is purported. Those centenarians and other folks in the Blue […] View page

Society is Wrong About Aging

Society is wrong about aging. Jokes, negativity and stories on how bad aging is are the norm. I lived in Florida. I got the message.   The reality is aging is a natural biological process that is shaped and influenced by society; people who know nothing about biology. Everyone I know keeps their distance from […] View page

It Is Possible To Age Well

It is possible to age well. Your later decades can be full of vigorous flyfishing and free of suffering. We have a lot of power and influence on how we age but there are some aging processes where we have no say. Fortunately, these are mild (gray hair and wrinkles) not life-sustaining mechanisms. Everyone knows […] View page

The Gap Between Lifespan and Healthspan

Recent articles about the widening gap between lifespan and healthspan have increased the already palpable fear of aging. Some of them hit the mark saying that the medical industry has given us more years but they are not necessarily good years. In other words, Lifespan (chronological age) has increased but healthspan (how well you live, […] View page

Is Getting Older All in Your Mind?

Many people who are getting older are stuck in their head. They have felt the stiffening muscles, the reduced energy and waning drive. Their mind has been made up; this is it. In fact, Kenny Loggins wrote the song, This Is It about the same situation. His father, a life-long athlete and typically full of […] View page