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You are Responsible for Fitness

You are responsible for fitness. The fly fishers I talk to (most over 40) tell me about their weight gain, back pain, ‘tennis elbow,’ shoulder issues, hand cramps, reduced stamina, and balance. They all have ideas and opinions why these conditions occur, but few look at or mention the obvious facts. Muscles tend to shorten, […] View page

Prevention is the Best Medicine

Prevention is the best medicine and exercise is the best option for preventing decline. This is how we override the gravitational pull of aging and reduce the progression and severity of chronic disease. The mainstream approach, doctor visits and medicine can’t compare. Leave the Herd–Prevention is the Best Medicine  Synthetic medicines and surgery will treat […] View page

A Fly Fisher Dream

A personal essay. I developed a fly fisher dream while enjoying the outdoors. I monitored birds at multiple feeders and followed birds to find their nests starting at age seven. I tinkered; insects in jars, chipmunks in box traps, I even recovered a young crow that fell from its nest.  On one Cub Scout outing, […] View page

12 Reasons Fly Fishers Need to Exercise Now

  Here are (12 Reasons Fly Fishers Need to Exercise Now) some highlights of what is not taught in school or anywhere else. You cannot buy, synthesize or prescribe the most potent preventive medicine available to man. How you use exercise to improve your flyfishing is also crucial to your life.  Use the contact form […] View page

Retirement a Flyfishing Rebirth

Make retirement a flyfishing rebirth. It’s a big shift for some, impossible dream for others but, It doesn’t have to be that way. Give it some thought. What is easy to grab, the low-hanging fruit? Take a walk, watch the sunrise, contemplate and think. After you return, take time to read this post. It’s alarming […] View page

Virtual Fitness Program for Fly Fishers and Outdoor Types

Would you like to join a Virtual Fitness Program for Fly Fishers? There’s a lot of talk about longevity these days and it’s a worthwhile topic. For us here at Fly Fisher Fitness, you could call it a subcategory. We agree with most of what is purported. Those centenarians and other folks in the Blue […] View page

Society is Wrong About Aging

Society is wrong about aging. Jokes, negativity and stories on how bad aging is are the norm. I lived in Florida. I got the message.   The reality is aging is a natural biological process that is shaped and influenced by society; people who know nothing about biology. Everyone I know keeps their distance from […] View page

My Interview on Carolina Outdoors (short, 15 minutes)

My interview on Carolina Outdoors with Bill Bartee and Wes Lawson was exhilarating. These guys are passionate about the outdoors and they know flyfishin You can feel it when you work with great people. The energy, enthusiasm, curiosity is so contagious it elevates your game. I got better by responding to their great questions. Of […] View page

Beat Aging and Chronic Disease

A personal essay. How I beat aging and chronic disease through self-education and boots-on-the-ground effort. Early Experience In the beginning my wildlife biologist career mandated collateral duties in law enforcement and as a wildland firefighter. Thus, required fitness testing and medical professionals signing off and approving me “fit for arduous duty” was standard procedure. The […] View page

Fly Fish More-Override Aging

To Fly fish More-Override Aging! Nature has programmed our body to age. It is innate, slow and steady but the signals are soft and easily overridden. Your DNA is still connected to Nature. It’s “listening” for signals from the environment to grow or decline. Everything you do, your choices and lifestyle send coded messages to […] View page