12 Reasons Fly Fishers Need to Exercise Now

12 Reasons Fly Fishers Need to Exercise Now


Here are (12 Reasons Fly Fishers Need to Exercise Now) some highlights of what is not taught in school or anywhere else. You cannot buy, synthesize or prescribe the most potent preventive medicine available to man. How you use exercise to improve your flyfishing is also crucial to your life.  Use the contact form to ask about our Virtual Fitness Program 

1. We are all aging, no exceptions. And, it’s more than just the gentle passage of time.

2. Inactivity is the enemy.

Three millennia (one millennia is a thousand years) of causal evidence shows that inactivity speeds up the aging process and is the primary cause of chronic disease and premature decline.

3. An unfit life is not worth living.

Medical care will keep many of us alive into our 80s and beyond. We are responsible for the quality of those bonus years. No one wants to outlive their quality of life.  

4. Exercise offers what medicine cannot.

A 2019 Sports Medicine and Health Science Report stated, the implementation of daily physical activity and exercise prevention interventions support an 80% reduction in cardiovascular risk, 90% reduction in type 2 diabetes risk, 33% reduction in cancer risk, and in some cases reductions in all-cause mortality.

5. Conditioned muscle is metabolically active.

Sedentary men gain weight consuming 2,000 calories per day. Athletes lose weight consuming 4,000 calories per day.

6. Coasting is not neutral.

Yes, the signal to age is weak and the process is slow. But please know, it’s relentless. Nature doesn’t take days off.

7. Aging is normal. Deterioration is not.

Premature deterioration, early death and crumbling with age—think arthritis, diabetes, falls and strokes, are all caused by a sedentary lifestyle.

8. Prevention is better than treatment.

Treatment is standard and average medical care. Prevention is great health care!

9. Exercise has demonstrated the ability to suppress cancer growth.

Muscle is miraculously complex. It can secrete compounds that make it function as an endocrine organ affecting the entire body in response to exercise.

10. Growth is guaranteed.

Exercise triggers growth, strengthening, repair, rebuild and healing cycles. With consistent effort—months and years, you build steady, long-term infrastructure growth. You could become functionally younger!  

11. You are in good company.

Every athlete, marathoner, Tour de France and Olympic hopeful incorporates aerobic training as a foundation to build a solid base of endurance.

12. It’s easy and fun.

All that is necessary is effort. No budget, no natural athletic ability or skill required. You determine the game, the level of play and your success through effort. That’s it. You are in control. Work at it and you’ll get it!


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