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Hardcore FlyFishing

Most fly fishers I talk with have one thing in common. They are not hardcore flyfishing because of physical deterioration. How do I know they are declining by just talking? Well, they all share their ‘specific’ issue that limits their ability to fly fish the way they would like—hardcore, for extended periods. Thing is, they’re […] View page

A Fly Fisher Dream

A personal essay. I developed a fly fisher dream while enjoying the outdoors. I monitored birds at multiple feeders and followed birds to find their nests starting at age seven. I tinkered; insects in jars, chipmunks in box traps, I even recovered a young crow that fell from its nest.  On one Cub Scout outing, […] View page

12 Reasons Fly Fishers Need to Exercise Now

  Here are (12 Reasons Fly Fishers Need to Exercise Now) some highlights of what is not taught in school or anywhere else. You cannot buy, synthesize or prescribe the most potent preventive medicine available to man. How you use exercise to improve your flyfishing is also crucial to your life.  Use the contact form […] View page

Fly Fish More-Override Aging

To Fly fish More-Override Aging! Nature has programmed our body to age. It is innate, slow and steady but the signals are soft and easily overridden. Your DNA is still connected to Nature. It’s “listening” for signals from the environment to grow or decline. Everything you do, your choices and lifestyle send coded messages to […] View page

Welcome to Fly Fisher Fitness

Welcome to Fly Fisher Fitness! Fly fishing demands a high level of stamina, power and coordination. Too often we develop enough wisdom and skill to be masterful or just when we have the time to fish longer and harder, our health wanes and we begin to deteriorate. We are here to help you re-think aging, [...] View page

It Is Possible To Age Well

It is possible to age well. Your later decades can be full of vigorous flyfishing and free of suffering. We have a lot of power and influence on how we age but there are some aging processes where we have no say. Fortunately, these are mild (gray hair and wrinkles) not life-sustaining mechanisms. Everyone knows […] View page

The Gap Between Lifespan and Healthspan

Recent articles about the widening gap between lifespan and healthspan have increased the already palpable fear of aging. Some of them hit the mark saying that the medical industry has given us more years but they are not necessarily good years. In other words, Lifespan (chronological age) has increased but healthspan (how well you live, […] View page