Natural Medicine Hidden in Plain Sight

Natural Medicine Hidden in Plain Sigjht

There is natural medicine hidden in plain sight. Remember, all medical interventions effect other organ systems, sometimes to great lengths. Living better, quality of life through prevention of disease will not come from medicine. Hint, you cannot buy, synthesize or prescribe the most potent preventive medicine available to man.

The natural medicine hidden in plain sight is a cure for the modern-day risk of living longer than we can live well. We are led to believe that drugs and high tech will be the way we climb out of the chasm of a long lifespan but a greatly reduced healthspan.

Maybe, but can the average worker/retiree afford the high-tech (high-end) private consult and testing? And even if one could, is the technology ready for prime time? One thing no one can afford and that is…… to wait. We need to begin aging better now.

We have good medical care but what we need is good healthcare

The medical industry has given us more years but they are not necessarily good years. In other words, Lifespan (chronological age) has increased but healthspan (how well you live, the quality of your years) lags so far behind that many people fear their later decades will be spent debilitated and suffering.

Better healthcare is life or death…..we are literally dying here!

Research shows that 60% of poor individual health and low quality of life are correlated to lifestyle. Overall, modern medicine is not concerned with lifestyle problems (exceptions do exist). But the facts are: medical schools do not address (teach) lifestyle issues; doctors don’t treat them and insurance companies do not pay to address these modern-day problems.

Modern society is plagued by high medical costs, epidemics of obesity, heart disease, cancer and overall health degradation.  But the medical industry looks the other way. It is as if they are saying, we don’t have time for this. Let’s brush it off and call it ‘normal aging.’


Natural Medicine Hidden in Plain Sight and You Prescribe Yourself

Don’t blindly trust the medical industry with your healthcare. Trust yourself knowing that putting your body to work is the sine qua non of a healthspan aligned with your lifespan. Increased muscle and strength through weight training, improving aerobic capacity and working on flexibility and balance are the ingredients of natural medicine hidden in plain sight.

Exercise is the most potent thing you can do to topple lifestyle issues. No other intervention will do as much to improve your healthspan. And, it’s always there in plain sight. All you have to do is reach for it. Consistent exercise over time can even make you functionally younger than your chronological age.

You don’t need the medical industry for this natural medicine hidden in plain sight. But I strongly recommend getting a doctor to approve your new efforts toward athleticism. Better still, ask your doctor to give you a treadmill test, sometimes referred to as the Bruce Protocol. This will give you clearance that is comforting and a baseline to grow from.

Don’t Accept My Word

Secondhand information concerning healthcare won’t do. I accept the word of medical professionals like my dentist and my cardiologist’s advice about cholesterol and triglycerides. But I require firsthand knowledge when it comes to healthcare and lifestyle. As I’ve said before, I speak from experience and I write from inside the subject of healthcare and lifestyle.  

Don’t settle for secondhand and don’t blindly believe anything. But don’t be cynical either. That’s the flag of “nothing works surrender.” Subject all you read, hear and learn to your own experience and let those results inform you and determine the action you take.  You could call it investigative personal discovery.

Experience is still the best teacher. The bottom line is personal fitness—high levels of muscle mass and grip strength along with high aerobic capacity, flexibility and balance are potent products of a lot of work. And they are natural medicine hidden in plain sight. But now maybe not so hidden.

What follows is a library of sorts of some of the research performed pointing to the benefits of discovering what I call natural medicine hidden in plain sight.


The Transformational Effects of Natural Medicine

Lifestyle, fitness and medical research papers flaunt the benefits of exercise. Here’s an example. What’s impressive about this research, aside from the sheer volume, is the number of conditions exercise seems to prevent, ameliorate, or delay.

Some 70% of premature death (before 80) is lifestyle related and what we call “normal aging”—weakness, stiff joints, reduced balance is not normal. It’s what we have accepted as normal because the bar is set so low.

In addition, 50% of all illness and injuries in the later decades of your life can be eliminated by lifestyle changes.

Harnessing the innate power within, those who exercise are better equipped to deal with stress, disease, fatigue from treatments and anxiety if they come.

Immunologist Daniel Davis says the human immune system is far more powerful than any medication we have devised.

Anti-Aging Through Fitness Enhancement

The Life-Changing Benefits of Exercise After 60

Brain Changing Benefits of Exercise

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