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Hardcore FlyFishing

Most fly fishers I talk with have one thing in common. They are not hardcore flyfishing because of physical deterioration. How do I know they are declining by just talking? Well, they all share their ‘specific’ issue that limits their ability to fly fish the way they would like—hardcore, for extended periods. Thing is, they’re […] View page

Fly Fish More-Override Aging

To Fly fish More-Override Aging! Nature has programmed our body to age. It is innate, slow and steady but the signals are soft and easily overridden. Your DNA is still connected to Nature. It’s “listening” for signals from the environment to grow or decline. Everything you do, your choices and lifestyle send coded messages to […] View page

Natural Medicine Hidden in Plain Sight

There is natural medicine hidden in plain sight. Remember, all medical interventions effect other organ systems, sometimes to great lengths. Living better, quality of life through prevention of disease will not come from medicine. Hint, you cannot buy, synthesize or prescribe the most potent preventive medicine available to man. The natural medicine hidden in plain sight […] View page