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Getting Older Does Not Mean Coasting

Getting older does not mean coasting. In fact, it’s the opposite. What’s you plan? We can coast when we’re younger because we have youth on our side. But after 50, the best strategy is to have a plan. If you coast without a plan the relentless pull of aging will dominate. It will start slow, [...] View page

Is Getting Older All in Your Mind?

Many people who are getting older are stuck in their head. They have felt the stiffening muscles, the reduced energy and waning drive. Their mind has been made up; this is it. In fact, Kenny Loggins wrote the song, This Is It about the same situation. His father, a life-long athlete and typically full of […] View page

Flyfishing & The Biology of Aging

Flyfishing and..the biology of aging, a natural process. Most of us are less comfortable with biology and more comfortable with the term aging—a concept and mental construct we use to describe changes that occur over a lifespan. Underneath all that language however, is biology. This is what warrants our attention. Concepts are shortcuts, a quick […] View page